Sell Smart with an Integration Between Vendo Services and AdultCentro Channels!

AdultCentro Channels presents a new simplified integration with yet another major industry IPSP, Vendo Services! The integration will allow for any site owners using Vendo as a billing solution, to add one-click upsells into their members area quickly and effortlessly. A portal with upsells would be an integral part of their websites, and user data would not be passed to other websites or content owners. The integration technology also supports direct sales via Vendo, as well as multiple biller support within cascades or other complex setup types.

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AdultCentro Market Now Offers Virtual Reality Content!

Virtual Reality is here – and now for sale on AdultCentro Market!

AdultCentro Market has now introduced virtual reality adult entertainment to its ranks of 160k+ videos, pictures and more available for licensing. VRBangers productions are now available for sale, bringing a new medium of audiovisual content to the platform.

AdultCentro Market is a platform designed for all participants in the licensing market who want to monetize filmed content. The AdultCentro Market business model is based on seller-side commissions on the license fees generated via the platform. There are no fixed costs for sellers or buyers.

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