AC Publisher

AdultCentro Publisher 1.9 – NEW Identity, Same Kick Ass Solution with MORE Bells and Whistles Than Ever!

Don’t be alarmed…AdultCentro Publisher is the same trusted solution formerly referred to as Content.AdultCentro. The renaming of Content.AdultCentro to AdultCentro Publisher was a difficult decision, but because we are now extensively developing our new product, AdultCentro Market, it made sense to distinguish our product offerings accordingly. We are continuously tweaking and developing elements within our system to enhance your experience and today, we introduce several new functionality offerings.

3rd Mobile Skin

A brand new full pay-site mobile skin solution in the site’s auto-creator that allows clients to create branded and customized white label.

Reality 2 Skin Custom Styling

One of the most popular HD full pay-site skins is now fully adjustable to our client’s needs and branding requirements.

Zombaio Billing Integration

One of the most recognized adult industry processors is now available for Publisher client payments and end-user payments on full pay-sites.

Sofort Billing Intergation

Sofort, an alternative billing solution, is now available for Publisher client payments.

Content links security improvement on inline feeds

The structure of the hash code in content download links has been changed to improve security and stability for all feed scripts.

Limitation of preview number user can watch

Tired of losing paying customers to previews? Now you can limit number of previews a user can watch for a defined period of time and increase conversions by encouraging users to join.

Player initialization

Developed for the end-user’s best experience, all players are now loaded in the first turn of page being opened. It takes milliseconds for users to start watching the content.

Brute force defense

Another security feature against unauthorized access. Users are now asked to enter “capcha” after 3 unsuccessful log-in attempts.

Report a problem

Treating the end-user as a top priority has always been our goal. 24/7 LIVE customer support is a more powerful tool than ever to collect and resolve all complaints before you lose a customer.

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