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AdultCentro Marketplace May Updates for Sellers

SELLERS can take advantage of a wide-range of tools for increased sales opportunities:
License Generator and Default Agreement templates have been implemented for your use. Have more control and flexibility over which rights you license and sell with our basic and advanced agreement options.

License management and assignment has never been easier. Create licenses inclusive of multiple rights and custom names for more organization and implementation.

FTP account information has been added to the “Link From FTP” tab for quick reference – eliminating the need to navigate to the “Accounts” page.

Minimize repetitive clicks – when you are adding or linking content, a popup will open to the previously used tab. Save time!

English is now the DEFAULT language for DVDs

We have added an AUTOMATED APPROVAL OPTION for screener requests. When you check this option, it will generate screeners based on your default settings with no further action required by you.

It’s an exciting time at AdultCentro Market, please continue to check back for more news and information!