AC Cloud

Happy Independence Day

Only one company gives YOU the FREEDOM and
adult business dynamically…
Wishes YOU a Happy 4th of July and
Invites You to Take Part in Our
Independence Day Celebration!
Between NOW and July 31st, we encourage everyone in the
adult business (webmasters, site operators, content producers,
content buyers, etc) to sign up for and explore one (or many)
of our award-winning solutions for a chance to be entered in a
drawing on August 1st for one of three great prizes.
Sign up for an account for AdultCentro Publisher or
AdultCentro Market or AdultCentro Cloud or CentroBill
between TODAY and July 31st.
Explore the tools, services, and details of the product.
For a simple sign up you will have your name entered one time
Should your account show activity, your name will be entered again.
On August 1st there will be a drawing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

what are the prizes?
2nd Place
$300 credit to
AdultCentro Bill

1st Place

3rd Place
Badge to Webmas-
ter Access Compli-
ments of AdultCentro

Celebrate YOUR
Independence with the
Company that Gives You the
FREEDOM to Run Your
Business As You Wish!!!