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AC Publisher now has language sorting available on our 100,000+ videos for lease!

Language sorting is now available on our 100,000+ videos for lease! Content is offered in 10+ languages, including French, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German and many others! Now, webmasters who want to tailor content to a particular, non-English speaking audience can easily do so.

The new language filters will enable website owners to have even more control over their feeds’ content. They’re a great addition to the extensive system of filters that our clients have been enjoying for years.

AC Publisher is a leased-content platform offering content for members areas or networks of sites, with implementation options ranging from API to IFrame feeds to full websites, which are often used for expansion of networks and cross-sales. AC Publisher is well-known in the industry, with hundreds of clients already benefiting from being able to build state-of-the-art responsive paysites or site plug-ins rapidly with fully integrated billing solutions, including CentroBill, NATS, Epoch, CCBill and Zombaio, and a simple point-and-click site construction process.

We charge site owners 99 cents per gigabyte (or less, depending on volume) based on bandwidth usage. Full access to 100,000+ videos from nearly every top studio and adult entertainment brand in 10+ languages is included. The site owner simply selects and integrates the content that best fits with their site or network of sites. AC Publisher is a way for new site owners to build their first paysite or for large industry leaders to build-out an expanded network of monetization sites.

Producers of content in non-English languages are welcome to submit content for lease via AC Publisher.

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