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Password Sentry (PS) is a web application created to detect and block password sharing – thereby only allowing paying members to have legitimate access. PS supports AdultCentro’s user aliases so you would be able to track bandwidth usage on a feed through AC’s existing functionality AND get additional protection against password sharing. Moreover, AC clients get the awesome 15% off deal!

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Password Sentry is not an IP counter application. PS counts unique logins using a number of metrics. PS analyzes users / logins using GeoTracking and UserTracking technology. In the case of GeoTracking, the user is geographically profiled where their exact location is determined, including City, Country, and Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). In the case of UserTracking, the user is profiled by IP Address, ISP, and Browser Parameters. These two metrics are combined in an proprietary method to develop a user/login-specific unique IDENT value. User uniqueness is based on the IDENT value compared to IDENT values of other logins for the same login username. Check it out and get the VIP treatment AND a discount for being and AdultCentro client today!