5 September 2013

AdultCentro is nominated for YNOT Best Content Provider of the Year!

Thank You to Our Clients, Colleagues and Friends for Nominating Us Once Again

We are proud to be recognized for continuing to work hard and serve the industry with the

  • Best content selection
  • Most progressive technology
  • All-encompassing service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Innovative ways to make you profit

If you love us, VOTE for us at YNOTAwards.com and let’s take home another trophy!

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4 July 2013

Happy Independence Day

Only one company gives YOU the FREEDOM and
adult business dynamically…
Wishes YOU a Happy 4th of July and
Invites You to Take Part in Our
Independence Day Celebration!
Between NOW and July 31st, we encourage everyone in the
adult business (webmasters, site operators, content producers,
content buyers, etc) to sign up for and explore one (or many)
of our award-winning solutions for a chance to be entered in a
drawing on August 1st for one of three great prizes.
Sign up for an account for AdultCentro Publisher or
AdultCentro Market or AdultCentro Cloud or CentroBill
between TODAY and July 31st.
Explore the tools, services, and details of the product.
For a simple sign up you will have your name entered one time
Should your account show activity, your name will be entered again.
On August 1st there will be a drawing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

what are the prizes?
2nd Place
$300 credit to
AdultCentro Bill

1st Place

3rd Place
Badge to Webmas-
ter Access Compli-
ments of AdultCentro

Celebrate YOUR
Independence with the
Company that Gives You the
FREEDOM to Run Your
Business As You Wish!!!
9 May 2013

1080HD Lesbian Content from FillyFilms on AC Market

Stunning lesbian action in 1080 HD available as films or individual scenes.
Available for all territories and any right including Pay TV, Free TV, Closed Networks,Internet, Pay-Per-View, and Mobile. Revenue sharing deals for broadcast VOD/SVOD will also be considered.
The entire collection is also available for licensing as a package deal with a heavy volume discount built in.

FillyFilms content on AdultCentro Market

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25 April 2013

ClubJenna on AdultCentro Publisher.

ClubJenna Content Available on AdultCentro Publisher!!!
When you think of porn, the queen of adult entertainment is none other than Jenna Jameson. We are proud to announce that AdultCentro Publisher clients NOW have access to HOT, HIGH QUALITY, IN DEMAND ClubJenna Content!
Still a HOT seller, ClubJenna content is a fan favorite…showing incredible conversions, retention and new signups for those who beta tested our new feeds!

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1 April 2013

Phoenix Forum or Bust!

Our team is really looking forward to being at The Phoenix Forum next week. Always one of the most productive shows of the year, we are very excited to be there this year with new products and solutions to discuss with you.
Not only will we be around the Tempe Mission Palms, we are also participating in the Sponsor Meet Market on April 5th and the EU Forum on April 6th passing out goodies and information to all attendees.
What’s more!?!?!
on April 4th, 5th and 6th between 10pm and Sunrise in the Phoenix Forum Poker Suite and Strip Club!!!
For the first time, we are sponsors of this annual event and this year, we are taking it to a whole new level!
Book meetings with kristen@adultcentro.com and come ready to make deals and party hardy!
See you there!
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1 February 2013

AdultCentro is the XBIZ`s content provider of the year!

of the Year Xbiz Awards 2013
We are proud and grateful to have been named XBIZ’s Content Provider of the Year!

Thank you to our clients and colleagues for making it happen!

Not working with our team? Contact us TODAY to see what services we have to offer you!


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3 January 2013

Let’s Talk Business at XBIZ 360, Internext, and AEE!
January is always a wonderful time to reflect on the previous year and kick off the new one in a big way. With XBIZ 360, Internext and AEE back to back to back again, this January is sure to be stellar as the AdultCentro team will be out in FULL FORCE at the major shows showing YOU that NOW is the time for you to be more proactive about making more $$$ in 2013 — whatever AdultCentro solution(s) you use, let us help you capitalize on them!
We are currently taking private meetings at all the show (see below to book yours) but we are also going to be present at various events as follows:

Jan 10th @ 11am

Learn from our very own Alex as he speaks on the Adult Entertainment Delivered: The New Spectrum of Distribution Panel

Jan 10th @ 5pm

Meet the Team at the Mix n Meet Market – look for our superheroes! They are HOT!

Jan 13th-15th

Meet us in our private meeting room.

Jan 13th @ 4pm

See you at the Internext Meet Market

Jan 14th @ 2pm

in Studio 1A of the Paradise Tower

You know our brand, you know we are innovative but you still aren’t taking advantage of everything AdultCentro can offer your company. You have questions. You want to see how to maximize your revenues with us. Come to this hands on workshop and see all of the ways AdultCentro can work for you!

Jan 14th @ 8pm

We host the Traffic Dinner with AdultFriendFinder and JuicyAds

Jan 20th

We will be in Vegas til the 20th and participating in the B2B VIBE Event

Point is, we can work with most EVERY company in the business and, if we aren’t yet working with you, we would like to.

For meetings please contact kristen@adultcentro.com

See you in Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Happy New Year!
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24 December 2012

Now YOU Can PartyHardcore With AdultCentro Publisher

We are super excited to announce that we have partnered up with the KINGS of CFNM Party footage to bring you none other than PartyHardcore Feeds EXCLUSIVELY through the AdultCentro Publisher Platform! Give your customers HOT, HIGH DEF, NON-SATURATED content to get off on. PartyHardcore Feeds are sure to take your sites to the next level – the content is hard to come by and undeniably filthy.
The content can be seen in AdultCentro Publisher’s Content Library.
AdultCentro will be present at the XBIZ 360 Digital Media and Content conferences as well as Internext and AEE. People from the various sectors of the business should consider meeting with the team to discuss how AdultCentro can play a key role in effectively enhancing your business.
Sign up today for your PartyHardcore feeds
or contact sales@adultcentro.com for more information.
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7 November 2012

AC Welcomes November with NEW Features and Updates to AdultCentro Market and AdultCentro Cloud for Producers

We are constantly working around the clock to bring you the best in technology and content ensuring your experience with AdultCentro is the best. We have recently made some incredible updates to AdultCentro Market and AdultCentro Cloud and invite you to see how you can take advantage of our enhancements!

SELLERS can take advantage of a wide-range of tools for increased sales opportunities:
Separate Pricing for Multi-right Licenses

In order to simplify your experience, we’ve been working on reducing the amount of licenses you need to create and manage in order to accomplish your goals of selling content.

While we’ve have supported multi-right licensing for a while, thanks to your feedback, we’ve found that it created an unnecessary burden on you the content owner by requiring you to create too many individual licenses.

We’ve now made your job easier by adding the ability to set pricing to each individual right as well as a combined price for all the rights together.

You can create a single license, with multiple rights, provide pricing for individual rights and a discount price for all the rights included in a single license.

Likewise, buyers interested in your content who would only need a PayTV right, without Internet, will now be able to purchase those individually based on their specific needs from that same License.

Custom License Names and Improved Tables

Again, focusing on making it easier to find and manage both content and licenses, we’ve made two improvements that we feel will make a noticeable difference in the process.

Now, you can provide your own custom names to licenses, making it easier to locate and identify them while viewing them in a large list.

Additionally, those lists now provide a better overview of your licenses including your custom name and all the primary details you may wish to know about a license. Also, as our License Generator has grown, we knew we’d need to make all the terms available with a single click, so we’ve done just that. You can see the complete terms of every license by clicking the ‘View Details’ button.

Revenue Share Support

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best opportunities at making money on your content and we realized that supporting a Revenue Share model is crucial to our ongoing success.

Our teams have been hard at work adding extremely flexible RevShare capabilities to our License Generator. When selecting this option during license creation, you are able to set the Revenue Share percentage, as well as additional terms such as Monthly Minimums and Recoupable & Non-Recoupable upfront fees.

Revenue Share licenses can help open more opportunities to monetize your content as certain sectors only work using this model. We strongly recommend adding a Revenue Share license to the ClosedNet right which covers IPTV and On-Deck services such as SmartTV apps, VOD via Cable or Satellite boxes, and pre-installed Mobile Apps. We’re hard at work sourcing these deals for you, so make sure our clients know your content is available for such deals.

Improved Content Management through AdultCentro Cloud

All content has now been centralized under AC Cloud. Whether your leasing content or selling rights and no matter how your content has been added to the system, it can now be managed from one location by clicking on the ‘Cloud’ button.

We’ve also improved the interfaces by providing preset groups that allow you to quickly access a subset of content.

Additionally, you may also create your own custom filters to quickly display subsets of content based on criteria you find useful or important.

Content Allocation

As part of improving the management of content and giving you the power to control what we do with your content, you are now able tell us where you’d like to monetize your content within the entire AdultCentro landscape.

Send, or Allocate, content to AdultCentro Market, AdultCentro Publisher or to one of your own AdultCentro Publisher sites – it’s all up to you!

We’ll be introducing even more option in the future.

We conveniently provide a concise list of requirements for each of the services so you know exactly what information you’ll need to provide.

Content Allocation can be done while adding content, or as bulk actions using the ‘Allocate Content’ button.

You can find out more about each service by clicking the ‘Learn More’ link.

Improved Content Management through AdultCentro Cloud

While we hope you provide all information, documents and files when first adding content to AC Cloud, we understand that sometimes things can be missed, or required additions in the future.

It’s now possible to make edits to content that has been previously approved, even if it’s already live on one of our services. It’s important to note that any edits made will be submitted for additional approval and the content will only be updated after the approval phase.

Browse our content selection at AdultCentro Market now!
Contact us at market@adultcentro.com is you have questions or need assistance
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7 November 2012

AC Welcomes November with NEW Features and Updates to AdultCentro Market for Buyers

We are constantly working around the clock to bring you the best in technology and content ensuring your experience with AdultCentro is the best. We have recently made some incredible updates to AdultCentro Market and AdultCentro Cloud and invite you to see how you can take advantage of our enhancements!

BUYERS can enjoy the following improvements and additions to AdultCentro Market:
Know What You’re Buying

Content: In order to provide more detailed information regarding the content you’re purchasing we’ve setup an automated system to provide you with more information.

We automatically check content for resolution, codec, file type, and video frame rate and display that information clearly to you. Photosets also undergo a similar process to provide the information that matters to you.

Licenses: Overtime, our licenses have become more detailed to support a variety of terms so you can make the same type of content deals online as you would offline. Understandably we’ve also updated the way you view and purchase licenses so you can review all the rights and terms quickly with just a simple glance. Not only have we created a complete yet short view of the rights you would be purchasing, you also have the option to purchase individual rights or combinations of rights depending on your needs.

In this example, the ‘Buy Now’ would allow you to purchase both Internet & ClosedNet rights for a 20% discount.

On the other hand if you don’t require Internet rights you can opt to click the green Add to Cart button in the ClosedNet row and purchase that licensing right individually.

Export and Import a Product List. This feature is available on request only.

Are you accustomed to or just prefer working with list?

You can now export your search results as a standard CSV file, edit them in Excel, and import your final content list directly into your cart.

How do you use it?

Use the site filters to narrow down the results based on your content and licensing needs.

Click the ‘Export Product List’ button in the top right corner and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

Open or import the CSV file in Excel or Calc and remove/delete the content you don’t want to create your final wishlist.

TIP: If you didn’t select a licensed right, licenses are listed by columns. Just delete columns for the rights you don’t want to purchase.

Once you’re done go to ‘Cart’ and click the ‘Import Product List’ button

Browse our content selection at AdultCentro Market now!
Contact us at market@adultcentro.com is you have questions or need assistance
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